When to study?

Usually a student is blamed if she/he fails to secure pass marks. But we, students, sometimes think that it is not the fault of a student if one fails because a year has only 365 days. Sunday - 52 Sundays in a year (they are meant for rest and watching TV) the remaining days are 313. Summer Holidays - 60 days (weather is so hot and it`s difficult to study).

Eight hours of daily sleep, which means 122 days in a year what is left is 131 days. An hour, daily for conversation (man is a social being) which means 15 days. The rest are 116. Two hours every day for food and other delicacies, which means 30 days, leaving only 86. One hour for playing and other work everyday that means 15 days. The balance ? Well 71. Examination days, per year, at least 21 days . The leftover are 50. Winter vacation, festivals, parties, picnics and other holidays - 40 days What remains are 10 days. For sickness, at least 6 days. The rest 4 days - movies at least three days. The remainder is one day. Only one day left for annual days. So will our teachers kindly tell us when to study so as to fare well in exams?
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